Thakur, Tals aur Tatti : A Weekend Getaway to Mukteshwar

People in Delhi are rude, obsessively loud, too outspoken, overly flashy and what not. I had come with this notion to this new city and was wondering whether I’ll be able to enjoy the bond of friendship; even 0.1% of what I’ve had in the past.Well, GOD has its own way of throwing things at you; when you least expect it to be.So, one fine day I was going home after work in Metro and came across this person; Mayank Singh.


After breaking the ice,he started to talk and seemed pretty genuine. He spoke about close to 15 minutes on a trot; just about CARS. I know about cars as much as Rahul Gandhi knows about Politics. So, I was nodding as I didn’t wish to interrupt his flow. This guy is insanely crazy about cars. He’ll just have a look at the headlight of any car and all its specs would be on his fingertips. I mean, when people who are passionate about something, it is evident from their eyes when they speak. The same was being reflected from his’. That was the second hint that okay we could be friends. First was his over-gapodi and jolly nature. And the fact that he told me that he belonged to UP, not Delhi; was an icing on the cake.

And did I mention that we used to work in the same office! From that day, every morning we used to greet each other with swears and our divine love for “aalo patty” did the rest of the bonding. Then, after a few days, Karim’s happened. Trust me, some booze, good food and craziness is all it takes to transcend the bond to a next level. Within no time, we were chuddy buddies. Eventually I had started to show my grey side – where I can choke anyone to death with my lame jokes and it was too late for him to back-out now.

After a week or so we thought of making the full of the extended weekend and immediately the trip was on. The best part about this dumbass is that he doesn’t plan things. May be he does at the back of his head but he believes in executing things more. The same evening we were off for the mountains. No packing, no reservations.

The trip started off with a bang! We gatecrashed a wedding. Hogged some amazing aaloo tikkies and the the journey was sorted. Then comes a twist. A good one! Rishab aka Baba joins the two of us in the trip.


Loaded with gadgets and candies, Baba Mayank’s closest aide from college; adds an extra dimension to the awesomeness of the trip. Mayank was on the controls, the driving seat; Baba on the front and I as usual chilling at the back with a bottle in one hand and a pack of chips in the other, grooving to the some amazing Punjabi tracks. 3 Peg by Sherry Mann eventually became the trip-anthem. We literally lived to each and every word of its lyrics.

On the way, we halted at Shiva Dhaba, Hapur and at some unknown place in Rampur and finally arrived to Nainital at about 5:30 in the morning. So, I have this super-power ability to sleep off anytime. Like I can sleep even on a roller coaster and this lose Mayank was aware of it, so he made sure I don’t even sleep for a minute. Hard brakes, throwing water on my face, abruptly incraesing the volume of the songs and zig-zag movement of the car were some cheap tactics applied by this gentleman.

Mayank’s balls start to ache if everything is going as per the plan and he decides for all of us that Nainital seemed to mainstream and we are chucking it and heading towards someplace else, preferably with lesser people and more fun. So, Muktehswar was on.

“Hey dude, but what about Potty ?”, I asked him with a grin on my face.

I was under the asssumption that we’ll hit Nainital, check-in and freshen up. Also, your belly is in synch with your thoughts and it automatically gets ready to poop. I was like I need to take a dump, man ! Screw you and your plan.

“Bhai aaj to kuch toofani hoga, jo tune kabhi na kia ho”, were his golden words to my query. I lost it totally. I didn’t care about anything except, potty. That was all I wanted to do that moment.

”Haan to wohi bol raha hu, chal aaj khulle mein lutfa uthate hain”, Thakur was in in full form. Bring it down. Let’s defecate in open.

Look at the view, the breeze and the backdrop. Shit is about to get real. Bro, be a man. Go over there and squat ! Somehow he convinced me. I took my share of the toilet roll and looked for my spot. I geared up, found the place, kicked a few pebbles, rested my feet firmly and the pant was down in a flash. The sun was up. Those misty winds flirting with your butts, birds chirping and Ilahi playing on the phone simply made it the holliest shit of my life. My words cannot do justice to that epic feeling. It was the eve of Shivratri and were on top of the mountain,  put up in the best Guest House by Kumaon Govt; closest to Shiva’s abode.


He did have a great time on Shivratri as we had stopped at Garh Mukteshwar, which is like Mini-Haridwar on the way. People were tripping on Shankar jee, smoking chillums and dancing to the intoxicating trance which was being played for the Kawadiyas. Then we climbed to the railway tracks, sat on the platform for a long time and without talking too much observed life at 3 in the morning. It is probably the finest dawns I’ve ever experienced; all thanks to Mayank.

Baba’s sublime touch was visible when we started to hop the cafes the next day and came across this insane family; whom we met at every place we went. The family consisted of a show-off mother, two brat kids and an overly pampered dog. They reflected everything I hate about Delhi. The dog was insane. He hated men and the family spoke in English throughout and a sense of plasticity was evident amongst them as depicted in the movie Dil Dhadakne Do. Baba left no stone unturned to comment on anything that they uttered. We all spent the entire evening laughing. Baba even made us forget the hopeless pizzas and pastas we all had to eat. Baba rocks.

Too bad that the dog didn’t entertain us. But Pahari (Hilly) dogs are awesome. Furry balls of love they are. They make sure you pamper them and they will hike the mountains with you throughout.

The only bad part about the entire trip was that I couldn’t read. Rather, these two jokers didn’t let me read my book. Okay, not showing off but I usually do carry a book along wherever I go – be it a bus, car; specially when I’m in the mountains. The uddand (notorious) duo made sure I hit my record worst. I could hardly read 5 pages in those 2 days. Nonetheless, I had fun.

To beat the cold in the nights, whisky was poured, glasses used to clinker, extra quilts were put on, life was discussed and the toasts were raised to a lifelong friendship. Cheers!

On the way back we visited a few Tals and did some touristy stuff in Nainital.


Don’t forget to try the Bal Mithai and Sonam’s Momos when you are on the Mall Road. Stay tuned for the next tale.






I’m The Food! Here’s my story from Dilli-6

I, as an entity come in variety of sizes, shapes, forms and cuisines. Some people just have me because they have to; I help them survive. Some like to play around with me and savor cooking me. They feel happy when their version of me,served to others’ platter is appreciated. A few just ask me to pose , so that I could fetch them a mass following on Instagram.

I hate this DSLR and i-Phone generation. These noobs don’t even chew me properly. They honestly don’t care whether I am cooked properly or how do I smell like. Their sole agenda is to leverage my looks to boost their ego of being hailed as a famous-foodie. They use me like a whore.Hate them. Especially the self-proclaimed ones.  And a female up loader with a pretty face is an add on to the rant. At times, they do not make any sense but just because she is hot, people go bonkers.

“People who write Foodie in their bio on Tinder and Snapchat should be boycotted from this society with immediate effect.”

Foodie has become analogous to a Roadie. Every tom, dick and harry wants to be one. I mean,you don’t have to force yourself. It comes in naturally. On a flip side, there are a few good eaters of mine too. In fact, I adore the passionate ones.

There’s one more league too. The “paidayshi bhookhay” category. I love them the most. They are the people who can go to any extent to have the best version of me, who do not claim to be the connoisseurs of food.They have me because they simply love me.

On a brighter note, I did come across 3 such people. The hoggers came to relish the Delhi-6 version of me. Before we go into the knitty gritties of that romantic evening, let me just brief you about the three monkeys.


Mayank Singh – The Thakur ! Knows each and every inch of Delhi. Amrik Sukhdev is his second home. Extremely passionate about cars and can drive you crazy with his stories.
Someone who values friendship to the very core and keeps telling people how diverse the food in Delhi is. He is our free PR agent. Kudos to this soul.

Veenit Bhatyal – The mini dynamo from Jammu. Known for his deep quotes and tales from the valley, he carries the Punjabi accent with full flair. His love for barbeques and pahadi non veg dishes is no less than Bappi da’s love for gold !

Lalit Vijay – Someone who just relocated to Delhi, was lost in the nuances of the new job, new city and was skeptical about making new friends but all his theories were put to rest as the Santa-Banta duo decided to take him for a gourmet stroll in Dilli-6.

We are a very big food family spread across Bazaars and lanes in Delhi-6. There is a Gurudwara, close to which you would come across lip smacking chats and sweet shops. In the lanes surmounting Nayi Sadak, you would find Chhole Kulcha stalls, rabri on the rocks.

img-20170122-wa0038In the further by-lanes where a four wheeler can’t enter, you have streets named after a parantha and near Jama Masjid you’d come across soul-quenching non-veg cousin of mine. If you go further down, my another cousin – Milkie resides; where you would see a lot of paneer shops and old school dhabas like Kakke Di Hatti, an institution where naans are groped with ghee using an actual paint brush.

In short, I am the uniting force. I do not distinguish between any human. Plethora of people hailing from different origins come here to find salvation in the form of “me” and rarely I’ve disappointed anyone. For the matter of fact, these 3 dumb asses were a delight to be hosted.You should have been there to see the looks on their faces as they lingered me in absolute frenzy.

Here’s their trail map. In case you are new to the city just follow it step by step.

Hop 1: Located right outside the Chandni Chowk Metro station, is a small shop which has just two items on its menu – Aalo Tikki and Papdi Chat. Both are amazing. Within 100 Rupees, you can achieve gastronomical heights at Natraj. Their red imly chutney and thick curd is to die for.


Hop 2: Just beside hop-1 is a chatwala serving daulat ki chaat. It is basically milk froth served with Khoya.


Hop 3: Chhole Kulche and Rabri Falooda in the opposite lane next to Nayi Sadak. You could either take the electric rickshaw if you are really tired but that I guess happens when you are too full, later in the story. Not now ! So, better walk.


Hop 4: Another eatery with just two dishes on the menu- Jalebis and Samosa, hailed as The Old Famous Jalebi Wala. Those 500 Rs/kg thick sweeties can take you back to the Diwali pooja’s memory lanes where those bulky pieces of sugar are gulped with milk. Minus the long queue, it’s divine.


Hop 5: The most fairly used location in Bollywood movies – Paranthey Wali Gali. Mind it !
The paranthas aren’t too great, neither is the hygiene but it’s the emotions and vibe that draws thousands of people there every day. Brace yourself for this iconic junction in case you wish to have fried paranthas with a lot of chutneys and that authentic aalo sabzi by the side.You name a thing, they have a parantha stuffing for that. Be it jaggery or carrot. Moolis are a strict no in case you have a lot to eat in your head. Simple hygiene check!

Hop 6: Tucked inside the bylanes of Chandni Chowk is this Haveli Dharampura. Basically a house converted to a heritage hotel luring foreigners and desis with that royal and rustic touch of old school elements – hookah, kite flying, pigeon taming and the grand dining units.

Finally the last two gems – Karim’s and Al- Jawahar.

Hop-7: After visiting the Jama Masjid, head straight from Gate-1 to these legendary units. They need no introduction. The trio had Chicken Burrah and Mutton Shammi kebabs at Karim’s. At Al-Jawahar, it was Mutton Biryani and Changezi chicken. The last hop was an iconic point in their friendship. After that, there was no looking back.


I hope you liked my story. Every explorer brings in his/her perspective. Come, try me out. Trust me, at the end with a heavy heart and stomach you’d still crave for more.

The Diary of a Filmy Kid

I don’t have a plan for the day. So,let’s just draft down some of the Bollywood movies that I admire and love watching over and over again.The cinema which has impacted me,taught me things and has made me enjoy my life till 24.That way I can keep a track of the evolution of my taste if I stumble upon this document 30 years down the lane.

So,here is my list –

Dil Chahta Hai(2001)

The movie was released at the time when Bollywood was in a dismal state,producing one catastrophe after the other. DCH was like a breath of fresh air.Original .No villains.No fighting sequences.No melodrama.Plain.Simple.Refreshing and youthful !

Dil Chahta Hai - Chapora Fort

Dil Chahta Hai – Chapora Fort

Maintaining a vivid yet tranquil pace throughout,Dil Chahta Hai is woven around the love and life discovering experiences of three Mumbai lads.”What your heart wishes,just go with it” is a sort of theme that persists throughout the film.It has everything. Comedy, drama, great songs, love stories,exotic locations and some truly heart touching moments, which we tend to ignore at times in our real lives.

DCH  just floats along like an opera and the FRIENDSHIP part takes you on a song.It’s more of a character driven cinema rather than the script-driven and they end up staying in your system forever. Farhan’s directorial rawness and the unharnessed energy engages the audience to perfection for 3 long hours.The movie did mark the evolution of a new era in the Bollywood.

I have seen the movie more than 100 times and I can admit the fact that every time the music “Just Turn Around”plays I cry with joy every single time.The only reason I visit Goa every year is because of this movie.The best of my college life memories revolve around Fort Chapora. Best Dialogue –

Haan waise bhi perfection ko improve karna mushkil hota hai.

Gangs of Wasseypur(2012)

Centred on the coal mafia of Dhanbad(Jharkhand),GOW is an epic tale about fidelity,crime, lust, betrayal,politics and vendetta. A cinematic chef d’oeuvre !

Gangs Of Wasseypur - Sardar Khan

Gangs Of Wasseypur – Sardar Khan

Anurag Kashyap has put his soul into each character and that is visible from every frame of the movie.The direction ,the bloodshed,black humour,witty characters, adultery, bullets,vengeance and the slangs have truly given it a cult status quo. This is India’s Pulp Fiction.

The one thing that truly holds out for me are the dialogues. They are sharp and as close to reality as it can get. Manoj Bajpai has proved once again that he is the patron in the business especially,when it boils down to this kind of honest cinema.The screenplay is well structured and the music by Sneha Khanwalkar has added a new dimension to the movie.

Overall,It’s a masterpiece .Respect to all those who had watched it at Cannes,the entire 5 hour long movie Give it a chance and you’ll never look at Bollywood the same way again.Best Dialogue –

Hamare abbu ko marat hai.
Hamare abbu uski gaadi mein baith ke uske saath gaye they.Kabhi laute hi nahi.
Hamari zindaggi ka ek hi maqsad hai. Badla !
Ramadhir Singh ko budhappan ka seedhi chadte hue dekha nahi jaata.
Us haraami ko humein mitana hai.
Goli Nahi Maarenge Saale ko,Keh Ke Lenge Uski !
Usey uski aukaat batayenge.Dheerey dheerey uska sab kuch chheen lenge,apne aap hi mar jayega madarchod.


Queen is story of a naive middle class girl living in Rajouri Garden(Delhi),who decides to go on her honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam alone, when her fiancé dumps her two days prior to the wedding.

It is a journey of discovering oneself. Kangana Ranaut is the real Rani in the film .She is a delight to watch especially when it comes to acting and portraying the real life emotions on the big screen.She is spectacular and steals your heart with her innocence,confidence and simplicity.

The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts

Ranaut always seemed like a misfit in the mainstream Hindi cinema;a stunning but strange creature who belonged to a different ball game, but now our movies are beginning to catch up with her. Kangana carries the film on her shoulders throughout the 2 hours 30 minutes run time with such grace ,that the moment you step out of the theatre you start admiring her vividness not only for her on-screen character but the sort of person she is in reality. Candid and emphatic ! The movie will definitely make you a better human being at heart.Best dialogue –

Mera haal na Gupta uncle ke jaisa ho gaya hai. Gupta uncle ko na cancer ho gaya .
Unhone kabhi sharab nahi pi, cigarette nahi pi, phir bhi cancer ho gaya. Isse accha toh pi hi lete.

Andaaz Apna Apna(1994)

More than the commercial or critical success,the movie has done wonders to the 90’s kids,has made their childhood awesome by offering such epic one liners.
Salman Khan is hilarious. But Aamir Khan steals the show with his witty dialogue delivery.AAA is a comical genius.

Andaaz Apna Apna

Andaaz Apna Apna – A laughter riot

There is not even a single dull moment,villains for that matter are humorous. Shakti Kapoor as crime master Gogo and Paresh Rawal as Teja are simply awesome.Right from the first scene to the last, your giggles won’t stop .It’s a story of two conmen competing for a girl and how they end up landing in goof ups .It is a very underrated piece of cinema but for me this is the best comedy movie made in Bollywood.In case you are ever feeling low,switch on Andaaz Apna Apna ! It’s comedy is the ultimate remedy.Best Dialogue-

Crime master Gogo naam hai mera … aankhein nikaal kar gotiyaan khelta hoon main. Gotiyan ! Kahaan hai tumhara boss Teja ? Mera paisa lekar bhaag gaya.

Black Friday(2004)

The film is based on the journalist Hussain Zaidi’s thoroughly researched book,Black Friday;on the 1993 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai.You need balls to show such a controversial issue so blatantly and Mr. Anurag Kashyap has done it with chivalry and brevity.

Black Friday

Black Friday- March 2,1993 Mumbai (formerly Bombay)

The film definitely exposes some old scars but only to find the root cause of it ! Only to find the cure for them ! Only to make sure they are eradicated and are never resurfaced .

Black Friday has given a new direction to the realistic cinema by referring to the real names, real incidents, and real people.Take a bow Mr. Kashyap ! It tries to make a point that how some evil souls make their business out of our religious sentiments, at the cost of human lives. The trauma not only affects a specific religion,rather the entire humanity.Technically too, the film is impeccable. Everyone has acted beautifully in the film but Badshah Khan, Asgar Mukadam,and Tiger Memon stand out of the league.Music by Indian Ocean, is in sync with the theme.Despite the length of the movie(the same case with all his movies) the director never loses the plot and that’s really commendable.

Black Friday for that matter, is amongst the greatest films Indian cinema has ever produced. Watch it NOW ,in case you have missed it.But within an open mindset. It’s not for the faint hearted !
Remember it. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind MK Gandhi.

Best Dialogue-

Bakwaas kar rahe ho tum ! Allah kabhi begunaho ko nahi maarta.
Har sachche aadmi ke saath allah hota hai.Unka bhi wahi bhagwan hota hai.
Woh farq nahi karta. Farq tumlog karte ho saalo.
Aur is baar allah hamare saath tha.Hamare saath tha isliye tumhe woh Maruti van wahaan chhodni padi.
Hamare saath tha isliye do mahino mein humne do sau giraftaariyan ki.
Agar allah tumhare saath hota to tum yahaan nahi hote.Humein koi saboot nahi milta.
Tumhare saath tha Tiger Memon jisne tumhare gusse ka fayda uthaya.
Pehla bomb lagne se pehle hi nikal liya.Apne pariwaar ko lekar.Chhod gaya tumhe.Bhugatne ! Danda khane !
Usne tumlogo ko chutiya banaya.Jaante ho kyun ? Hmmm.kyunkii tum chutiye ho.Dharam ke naam par chutiye ban gaye tumlog.Aur bante rahoge.
Tumhe maarne wala woh har hindu banta rahega.Har woh aadmi jiske paas kuch nahi hai karne ko,dharam ke naam par chutiya banta rahega.


Whenever I hear this word,it gives me the zeal to achieve something significant in my life.The movie is based on a teenager’s journey to freedom and pursuing his dreams. Even before I write anything on the script,direction or even acting;let me comment on it’s music.By far , this movie has produced the best poetic songs and soundtracks in the history of Indian cinema.Amit Trivedi,tohfa kabool karo !

Udaan- Give wings to your dreams

Udaan- Give wings to your dreams

Coming back to the crux, Udaan is a story of a teenage boy,Rohan(who comes back home after 8 years,after getting expelled from a boarding school) who rebels against his cocky father to work in his factory and runs away to become a writer along with his younger half brother.It is an anecdote of Rohan’s struggle with his loneliness and desperation. It is not a commercial cinema but the film has got a lot of soul.

Udaan is a coming-of-age movie that you can connect to,because of its probity.Every scene is ingeniously shot.Vikramaditya Motwane’s direction deserves a medal and so does Ronit Roy for being the perfect scoundrel.Rohan has delivered one of the most subtle, yet effective role by putting up a stoic face against the circumstances, yet showing us the vulnerable teenager within.

Udaan is all about chasing your dreams and living your life to the fullest. It celebrates the power of the human spirit, showing us that we can only fly if we dream and do something about it. Highly recommended.!! Best dialogue-

Jo lehron se aage nazar dekh paati toh tum jaan lete main kya sochta hoon.
Wo aawaz tumko bhi jo bhed jaati toh tum jaan lete main kya sochta hoon.
Zid ka tumhare jo parda sarakta khidkiyon se aage bhi tum dekh paate,
Aankhon se aadaton ki jo palken hatate toh tum jaan lete main kya sochta hoon.
Meri tarah hota agar khud par zara bharosa toh kuchh door tum bhi saath-saath aate,
Rang meri aankhon ka baant-te zara sa toh kuchh door tum bhi saath-saath aate,
Nasha aasmaan ka jo choomta tumhe, hasraten tumhari naya janm paatin,
Khud doosre janam mein meri udaan chhoone kuchh door tum bhi saath-saath aate.

Chak De India(2007)

Chak De India is a narrative of a hockey player(Mir Ranjan Negi), who returns to the game as a coach of a women’s hockey team in a process of redeeming himself of the allegations that were put on him when after a disastrous loss to the Pakistan.

Chak De India- A still from the World Cup Final.

Chak De India- A still from the World Cup Final.

Chak De explores religious prejudice, ethnic bias and sexism in the contemporary India through the field of hockey. The movie is about unity in diversity. It urges everyone to put THE GAME above everything.It is real, engrossing and nationalistic without being chauvinistic. Chak De shows hockey not just a sport,as a larger than life thing for the people who have sacrificed so much in their life just to represent India.

There is a storyline.There is no room for big stars,schmaltz,foreign locations and whacky songs.So,if you are expecting it to be another Yashraj film;it is not the movie for you my friend.

For a change,Shahrukh has not over acted and has done a sensible job,incredible is the word here.I believe it’s his only rational movie apart from Swades. The credit of the movie goes to Jaideep Sahni for crafting well etched-out characters and Shamit Amin for his superb direction.

If I’ve to sum it up in three words,Chak De India is -Goosebumps,Adrenalin rush and Patriotism. Best Dialogue-

Sattar minute hai tumhaare paas.shaayad tumhaare zindagi ke sabse khaas sattar minute.
Aaj tum achchha khelo ya bura,yeh sattar minute tumhe zindagi bhar yaad rahenge
Toh kaise khelna hai, aaj main tumhe nahi bataaunga
bas itna kahunga, ki jaao aur yeh sattar minute jee bhar kar khel lo.
Kyun ki iske baad aanewaali zindagi mein,chaahe kuch sahi ho ya na ho.chaahe kuch rahe ya na rahe, tum haaro ya jeeto
lekin yeh sattar minute, tumse koi nahi chheen sakta, koi nahin!!

Toh maine socha ki iss match mein kaise khelna hai
aaj main tumhein nahi bataaunga, balki tum mujhe bataaoge, khel kar.
Kyun ki main jaanta hoon ki agar yeh sattar minute
iss team ka har player apni zindagi ki sabsi badiya hockey khel gaya toh yeh sattar minute khuda bhi tumse waapas nahin maang sakta.
Toh jaao, jaao aur apne aap se, iss zindagi se, apne khuda se
aur har uss insaan se jisne tum par bharosa nahi kiya
apne sattar minute chheen lo.

Jab We Met(2007)

Jab We Met is a tale of instances ,conversations and a romantic journey that transcends from a train after a depressed businessman befriends a carefree,over expressive and alarmingly loud yet friendly Punjabi girl Geet from Bhatinda;in a train.

Jab We Met

Jab We Met – Ratlam ki Galiyaan

One simply does not love the movie unless he knows each and every dialogue by heart and can recite if it’s put on mute.Yes, I can proudly do that. I rank this as my all-time best romantic movie.

If a director has the courage to take an outdated story line and execute it to a perfection,then the guy has got some serious talent.Trust me,only Imtiaz Ali could have pulled off that.His belief and the actors’ dedication towards owning the characters made it such a grand success that it revived both Shahid’s and Kareena’s career completely.The dialogues are sparkling despite being mature. The funny moments are truly jolly and emotions look real. The chemistry between them is absolutely electrifying.

Trust me, the song “Tumse hi” will allure your heart. Kareena’s bubblyness will definitely incite you to fall in love with her.Jab We Met is an exciting space for those who haven’t tried a good Bollywood romcom .Best dialogue-

Toh kisne kahaa tha train se utarne ke liye. Hain ?
Tumhe hoshiyaar rehna tha.Ab kya karogi ?
Jawaani ka josh. samajhti nahi !
Dekho zindagi ek rail ki patri hai, ek inch ka bend aur meelo ki doori hai.
Tumhari chhoti si bhool tumhari zindaggi kharab kar sakti hai.
Haan meri bhi kayi traine choothi hai par un dino mein main mard tha… matlab abhi mard hoon, lekin tum ek ladki ho!!

Akeli ladki khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai.

Haan. tumhe pata hai tumhare saath kya kya ho sakta hai! Main batat hu.


Based on Macbeth, Maqbool is arguably the best adaptation of a Shakespearean play ever,which also happens to be my all time Vishal Bhardwaj’s favourite saga.


Muqbool – Macbeth with the Lady Macbeth

The plot is set up in Mumbai,with the underworld mafia as the mainstay. Pankaj Kapoor plays the role of a powerful Godfather like person with Muqbool(Macbeth’s equivalent) as his right hand. Om Puri and Naseer sahab are the corrupt officials portraying the witches. Tabu(the lady Macbeth), the king’s mistress loves Muqbool and seduces him to be the king and plots the king’s assassination. Piyush Mishra as Banquo is equally delightful to watch.As a lead character, Irfan Khan seeps the correct levels of vulnerability and passion.Watching his character react to the highs and lows of his life keeps you equipped. Tabu can be the synonym of a dark evil in the film.Her gradual insanity is heart- wrenching.

The cast is packed by the maestros .The execution of the film is flawless and makes it as a drama of high quality. Muqbool for that matter is a cinematic gold that can be appreciated by anyone, regardless how familiar one is with Macbeth. However, those who have read Macbeth will feel an appreciation that goes beyond a five -star rating.It is a class act.Best dialogue-

Shakti ka santulan bahut zaroori hai sansar mein.

Vicky Donor(2012)

The movie is rooted on Sperm donation with Vicky Arora, a typical young Delhi based,fun loving,happy go lucky Punjabi guy as a protagonist.Despite the concept being a taboo in India,this movie is a family entertainer.Neither does is it cater to any sort of vulgarity nor does it really dwell too much on the sensitive nature of infertility as public message on preaching sperm donation.It’s witty,funny and emotional.

Vicky Donor-Pani Da Rang

Vicky Donor-Pani Da Rang

Lajpat Nagar boy- Vicky naturally glides into the boy next door image. Dr. Chaddha ,the fertility specialist deserves a standing ovation for performance.I think the role was tailor made just for him. Yami looks gorgeous and so does her Punjabi mother in law and granny when it boils down to the business of acting.There is no concept of side actors in the movie. Everyone is a star.Delhi is almost a character in the film. Be it the CR Park and
Lajpat Nagar rivalry, lovers point in Connaught Place or Dr. Chadda’s infertility clinic in a dingy Daryaganj, ‘Vicky Donor’ captures the soul of the capital in different shades. Pani da rang is an icing on the cake. It’s a low budget good hearted package pitched to perfection. Best dialogue-

Yeh kaam legal hai, aaj se hi nahin Mahabharat ke time se. Janaaniyon ke jab bachche nahin hote the, toh rishi muniyon ko bulva lete the. “Baba aulad nahin hai.”

Baba ne “tathastu” keeta aur hogaye.

PS : Main filmy tha,main filmy hoon,main filmy hi rahoonga !

Photograph source-Internet (Glad to see a few good men not putting watermarks. Seriously ! Copyright is for loosers -Banksy)