My love for the extremes

Every person you come across comes with certain traits and behavioral patterns. I think it’s the randomness which strikes the chord. There’s nothing wrong or right. In fact, it’s all relative. Overthinking is a sin. See, it has led me to retrospect myself. (LOL retrospect! You hypocrite, write the damn word ‘judge’. I know you won’t because you portray yourself as someone who doesn’t judge as deep inside you fear that intellectuals will judge you if you judge. What the judge dude! Judgebaati ho gaye be tum).

Anyhow so, what I figured about myself is that I love the extremes. For people it’s either Jon Snow or Ramsay Bolton. For me it’s ‘AND’. For some strange reasons I admire both equally.  There’s no midway.

Well the entire write-up is strictly personal about me. Why are you even reading? Weird right? I guess you’ll continue if your weirdness resonates around mine or to judge how this guy can be so weird. Vicious circle babies. It’s all a trap.

Dravid – calm & gentle and Kohli the emotionally loud. I guess my equal love for them says it all. I don’t know if there’s any connection between the extremes. In this case, even though their personalities, their game, their behavior, their leadership traits, their followers and basically everything is poles apart but deep inside their love for the game and hard work makes them very similar. It’s just the difference in the chosen paths. Both are exceptional in reality.

No sure if Honey Singh fits into the above mentioned criteria for you! But, I admit it openly – I’m a die-hard Honey Singh Fan. I love to feel Arif Lohar’s magical ‘Jugni’ with equal enthusiasm as Honey Singh’s ‘Angrejji Beat’. I re-iterate, I like Honey Singh’s music. And it is music. I dance the most on his songs and it fetches me joy. Simple! The same pattern is reflected in my food choices too. I can eat Pizzas and Biryani every day. I don’t get bored. In fact there are days, I eat one of them the entire day. This hasn’t happened off-late. I was too broke in the recent times.

Honestly, I’m not trying to act cool. That toofani karo, duniya notice karegi but I find the Airtel short haired girl really cute and NOT annoying. In fact, she’s at par with Julia Roberts, the vintage beauty. Don’t worry Messi aur Ronaldo dono equally pasand hain yeh nahi kahunga! Chill Bro! Football nahi follow karta zyada.

I like drama. When I say drama. It’s of all sorts. My life is the biggest example. Har din nautanki BC! Technically I was referring to TV shows. This might spin your head right round when I say that I’d rate Zindaggi Gulzar Hai, the Pakistani soap on a same scale with True Detective. Both are drama, catering to different segments, yet applaudable at the same time.

Too much ho gaya na ! Lekin main dheedht hu, rukunga nahin. I’ll continue to bombard you with facts about me so that if I don’t hear back from you, I get the point else we’d be sitting together tomorrow at Church Street cracking PJs and shayaris over a bowl of masala peanuts. Bhai main koi rebel vebel nahi hu in case I’m sounding like balki duniya ka sabse bada phattu. Haan, I appeared once and  a lot of eye brows were raised when I decided to travel Solo to Kerala when I heroically discarded to take along anyone who gave even the slightest of an excuse to not travel. It was fun!

Also the fact that I’m not a party person at all and I’ll be found hanging around a limited set of real friends, once hosted an epic New Year’s Party of 40 people. The best part, I didn’t know more than half of them.

Friends se yaad aya – the closest of my yaars are doing epic shit in their lives too. One is minting money at Wall Street while the other is busy being the chocolate boy of Sandalwood. The third hipster, my jaaneman, the brother from another mother is busy shooting his film at a brothel while the fourth is coding shit at an air conditioned office.

You would’ve judged me a globetrotter by now due to the way I’ve described things above. I’m not. In fact, I have not even gone beyond India once. But I’ve done a fair share of fun within the country. From a hydrophobic dumbass to a badass – someone who’s done a Grade-3 white water rafting in the Indus River counts significant.

One thing that constant keeps me alive amidst the hoopla of misadventures is my sheer ability to crack horrible jokes and write things I want to.

So, my friend, whatever you feel like is the weirdest thing about you, wear it around as an armor and never lose it. It is your biggest strength. Never did I think that I’d be writing a piece like this. #GoExtreme

Yo Bitches! Aaj ke liye itna hai. #LitluDaSwag
Isi baat pe ho jaye Makki di roti te sarso da saag. #OkBye


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